Hi Friends! 

Remember me? Sorry for the unplanned hiatus which has apparently extended a month longer than expected. Everything here is fine…I’ve just been busier than usual this summer and posting recipes (and let’s be honest, cooking…it’s a million degrees here) have not been happening.

I had an awesome Shrimp Pad Thai recipe to share with you this week – we’re having it again for dinner tonight – but in what can only be a HUGE case of the Mondays, Flickr has decided to lock me out of all of my photos and the website here is also acting all wonky. Grrr.

So, I’ll try to get all our tech issues figured out and get back to you in a few…

Meanwhile, Henry helped me put together all of our camping food for our big backpacking trip this week.

Yeah, that’s a lot of zip lock baggies but we reuse. Since I’m gluten free, I started making my own backpacking food and it was so good that even the gluten eaters wanted it again this year.

Once I get back, I’ll share way too many pictures of our trip.

Until then, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer wherever you are and it’s not too hot to cook!

xo – Claudia & co.


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2 Responses to “Hello! Remember Me?”

  1. Georgana Dreifke says:

    Hey! What’s in the baggies? Nice meeting you on Gunsight and looking forward to seeing some of those backpacking tips!

    • Hi Georgana! I do remember you! Thanks for finding me and my website. Also a big thanks for sending us “home the other way” from our campsite. Without talking to you, I would have missed seeing St. Mary Falls. Gorgeous! You meet the best people out on the trail. 🙂 Hope you had a great rest of the week hiking in Glacier. Big Glacier post and BIG hiking food post coming soon. – C

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