Hi! Remember me, your long lost recipe posting friend?

Sorry things have been rather light around here lately. The orchestra season started with a bang and everything seems to be happening all at once.

But we’re still here and I’ll be back soon with new recipes, Thanksgiving ideas (because yes, that’s coming too), peanut butter fudge (because I want Jim to love me and hello, fudge and peanut butter), and a new cookbook sampling/review idea.

Meanwhile, since it’s Thursday, we can Throw Back all the way to 2011 for the recipe I’m making us for dinner tonight – Chicken with Poblano Cream Sauce

Definitely one of my favorites and now I make it Gluten Free by simply swapping out the all purpose flour for GF flour. 

I still follow the same steps as the original recipe but sometimes I double the sauce and make a little extra chicken so we have lunch leftovers for the week. I’m notoriously bad at meal planning so making a bigger batch of something tasty like Chicken with Poblano Cream Sauce at least buys me a few days without having to think of lunches.

Tonight I’m serving this with rice and a big green salad. Oh, and probably a glass or two of wine.

Click HERE for the original post with the step by step instructions.

Here’s the printable recipe:  Chicken with Poblano Cream Sauce

Henry & Lulu say hi!

Henry & Lulu also say, “Hey Lady, how about some dinner?”

Hope everyone is having a fabulous fall. Back soon with new, good things!   – C

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