We’re doing another TBT – Throw Back Thursday this week because I’m seriously craving Spicy Orange Beef!

If you’re new-ish here, you might have missed this easy and flavorful recipe from the first year of Idiot’s Kitchen.

I was thinking about it last night because I made a stir fried beef with bok choy that was pretty good, but left me REALLY wanting the oomph and flavors of Spicy Orange Beef.

Like most stir fry dishes, this is quick to prepare. Everything except the rice winds up cooking in one large pan or wok. In fact, the rice takes the most time so be sure you start it before prepping your other ingredients.

Here’s the original post for Spicy Orange Beef.

I still cook this the same way that I did back in 2011 except now that I’m gluten free, I substitute tamari for the soy sauce and try to find GF hoisin sauce.

I also like to switch things up and have steamed snap peas or snow peas as an alternative to the broccoli.

If you want to make this a fuller meal with some fun sides, I highly recommend making vegetable or shrimp Spring Rolls.

I hope you’ll embrace the throw back and try Spicy Orange Beef. It’s one of my favorites!

And since we featured a baby picture of Henry last time, I thought Tiny Lulu should get equal exposure.

Cutest kitten ever!

Happy Thursday!

TBT – Spicy Orange Beef

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  1. Wes says:

    A new Lulu? Look at those eyes!

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